1st place, and World Record (run 5:33 for double marathon still stands to this day)
3rd place
4th place

Just a little update on returning back to the big Island of Hawaii for really iconic race – the Ultraman Worlds.
It has been several years since I was competing there, and I truly miss the race, the great atmostphere, and what really represents triathlons.

After spending most of the 2012, and 2013 on a sideline due to leg INJURIES – yes not one, but few – it has been a long way back. Hard to believe that even the great (considering myself good/not great) runners can loose some of the natural things they have in their legs. So really fithing back to build the miles, and avoid any injures coming back it has been a long process. Finally after 5 months of this year I’was able to resume some speed, and working on mechanics.

In other works I think I’m back – not with my speed, and w/being able to start to process of hard training, and regain the ablily to compete again.

So this year the focus in on 2014 ULTRAMAN WORLD CHAMPIONSHIP. Goal – is to be at the top at the end of Thanksgiving weekend, and maybe to come close to or done with breaking the World record. Extremely hard task, and not imposible so…….

Since Ultraman is very expensive to production (just to name few):
1 race + 2-3 support crew member which are required
bike fees
rental car
and lots of other expenses related to the race

….and since I’m not selfmade millionaire – more like the opposite – looking for any sponsors or any donors who could help.
Your help is more than greatly appreciated – with the support this race is pretty much imposible.
Become part of TEAM PK!

If you have any question – don’t hesitate to contact me.

Here is the DONATION LINK.
As in the past – there is a great exposure on Slowtwitch thanks to @TGCarlson – one of the best traithlon drama creators.
Of course the progress of the race will be available on all of the social media.