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PK’s “Eastern Block Training Program”

Coach Peter uses all of the knowledge he has collected throughout his life to train his athletes. Growing up in an environment where sports was the country's pride, Peter was privileged to have received a very personal coaching approach from the time he was 6 years old. Add to that his triathlon experience since 1994 and his professional triathlon career since 1999, and you have a lifetime of sports knowledge.

“Of course there is the importance of learned and studied knowledge! However, I believe that tailored instruction and advice from a coach with years of training and racing experience is irreplaceable. Also there is no substitute to the training – what you put in, you will get out”

- Peter Kotland

Coach Peter works with athletes of ANY ability as long as they have the desire to succeed and to improve. From athletes who are trying to finish their first triathlons to athletes preparing for World Championships. Coach Peter limits the number of athletes he coaches, as good quality coaching requires time and personal attention.


Any coaching emergency at any hour! Almost.

PK’s Qualifications

  • Professional Triathlete for 12+ years
  • 1997 Ultraman World Champion (still holds Double-Marathon Stage World Record of 5hrs 33min)
  • 36 Ironman-distance Triathlon Finishes - 8:52 PR; slowest 10:18
  • Top 5 finishes in Pro Division
  • 4-time winner of Vineman Triathlon, Vineman Triathlon Hall of Fame inductee
  • Two-time Myrtle Beach Marathon Winner (Myrtle Beach, SC)
  • Mardi Gras Marathon Winner (New Orleans, LA)
    ...and many others

Program Components (for triathlons, running, and cycling):

  • Unlimited phone calls and/or email with Coach Peter to discuss your training and progress
  • A long range, big picture plan incorporating your training and racing goals, re-assessed regularly throughout the year
  • Detailed daily workouts customized for you delivered in weekly blocks, and designed based on your weekly feedback and schedule
  • Determination of training zones from your HR or/and Power Meter based upon your needs and requests
    Equipment advice based on personal experience, and on other athletes’ feedback
  • Training, and racing nutrition advice. EVERYBODY is a little different. Anybody who tells you otherwise is lying!

In-person Coaching:

  • Personal swim lesson availability
  • By appointment to evaluate technique, training equipment, etc.

  • Personal running evaluation
    Sometimes it's a good idea to have this done to assess gait, foot strike, body position, etc. Professional advice on technique, gear, and training will help you succeed sooner and with fewer injuries.

  • Personal bike fit for triathlons
    Body position is the single biggest contributor to drag during cycling. It’s important to have your body position assessed and changed to make you as aerodynamic as possible.

  • Personal bike equipment advice based on personal needs and preferences.  
    Everyone is different with different habits, preferences and needs. Whether you’re considering new wheels, hydration gear, seat, pedals, or anything else, professional advice is key to your success.

For availability and prices contact Coach Peter directly!



"I've been training with Coach Peter off and on since 1997. Since that time, when I was training for my first marathon, I have learned to bike, learned to swim, and have completed 10 ultramarathons and dozens of triathlons. I PR'd in the marathon last year at the age of 38 and PR'd 5k and 10k this year at the age of 39. I also just finished my 7th Ironman with an 85 minute PR. All without a training-related injury while with Coach Peter. I could never have done it without the coaching and instruction I've received. I believe in Coach Peter." - ME, age 39

More testimonials coming soon...


"I always admired Steve Jobs. This is one of the best motivational speeches out there. Relates to any part of life!" - PK

Steve Jobs Stanford Commencement Speech 2005


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